Rural History 2015


Wednesday, 9 September 2015: 2.30 pm - 8.00 pm

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Archaeological site of Empúries, Empúries Beach and Sant Martí d'Empúries

Price: € 20 (transport and guided tour)

Distance: 45 km - Map

The archaeological site of Empúries, about 45 minutes from Girona, contains the remains of a Greek city - the enclave of Emporion- and a Roman city, the old Emporiae, founded in the early first century BC. We will visit the site and the museum, showing a selection of objects found during excavations. After the visit, enjoy a little time on the beach (the site is located on the seafront) or stroll to the medieval village of Sant Martí d'Empúries.

For more information on the Empúries site, see: web site

Wine and olive oil Cooperative in Empordàlia

Price: € 25 (transport, guided tour and wine and olive oil tasting)

Distance: 60 km - Map

The Empordàlia cooperative, one hour from Girona, is located in the villages of Pau and Vilajuïga, in the main wine and olive-growing region of northern Catalonia. The cooperative grows their produce from some 500 hectares of centuries-old olive trees and 250 hectares of vineyard. We will visit the old oil mill of Pau, the current oil production facilities and the wine cellar. The cooperative will offer wine tasting, olive and tomato bread and sausages.
For more information on the cooperative Empordàlia, see: web site

Cork Museum in Palafrugell, Vigas S.A. and Sant Sebastià de la Guarda

Price: € 20 (transport and guided tour)

Distance: 45 km - Map

The use of oak and cork manufacturing was a major economic specialisation of the Emporda region in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The Cork Museum in Palafrugell, about 45 minutes from Girona, is located in the spectacular modernist building factory Miquel, Vincke & Meyer, which was the largest cork company in Spain and one of the most important in the world.
After visiting the museum, you can choose from two options to continue the tour. The first one consists of observing the production process of cork preparation at the company Vigas SA, founded in 1887. The second option is to visit Sant Sebastià de la Guarda, a cliff viewpoint about 180 metres above sea level with spectacular views of the Costa Brava, an Iberian archaeological site (ss. VI BC) and a watchtower of the fifteenth century.
For more information on the cork museum: web site
For more information about the Vigas SA: web site

Besalu and tasting of artisan sausages from the Garrotxa

Price: € 30 (transportation, guided tour and sausage tasting)

Distance: 50 km - Map

This excursion takes us to the inland region of the Garrotxa. We go first to the village of Begudà, where we visit a farm for breeding and fattening pigs and a workshop where traditional sausages are prepared. The visit includes a tasting of these products. Then, we take a tour to Besalu, one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Catalonia, which includes the remains of the heritage of the Jewish community that lived in this town from the ninth century until 1436.
For more information on Besalu, see: web site

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